Wednesday, August 14, 2013

No Medical Exam Life Insurance For Cancer Patients

Cancer is the wild, disorganized, unrestrained multiplication of rogue cells leading to abnormal growth in a tissue or organ of he body.  Rogue cells sometimes spread to other parts of the body via the circulatory or lymphatic system.  Most adult cancers are associated with the aging process.  Early detection and modern methods of treatment can help cure many types of cancer nowadays from lung cancer, bone cancer, mouth cancer, colon cancer and many more.  Because of early detection and modern treatment methods, cancer can now be prevented into going into the chronic or terminal stage.  If a person has cancer and he is planning to buy whole life insurance, he should try to observe early detection. If not, then, he needs a no medical exam life insurance which is not the traditional whole life insurance but term life insurance.

When talking about whole life insurance and a person with pre-existing medical condition such as cancer will buy for one, he needs to understand that it will not be easy and convenient for him to convince the life insurance providers to approve his application.  Before they can do anything else, he will be required to undergo a series of medical examinations.  When they get the results from these examinations such as ECG, EKG, blood tests, urinalysis, X-ray, to name a few, and they found out that he has cancer, they will determine the stage of the illness. If it’s already in its chronic stage, they will never ever approve his life insurance application. If it’s still in its earliest stages and it can be controlled or healed, prevented or managed effectively, they might consider his life insurance application. But since he already has this illness, the premium cost of whole life insurance will surely expensive.

That’s why, if a person wants an affordable kind of life insurance, he should go for the no medical exam life insurance which is the term life insurance.

Term life insurance is far different from traditional whole life insurance. First and foremost, a person can only be insured for a specific term from as low as five years to as high as twenty or even a thirty-year term life insurance policy. That is the reason why it can be very affordable.  Furthermore, the approval of term life insurance is very fast because there is no medical examination of any sort that is involved.

If the term of such life insurance is expired, the person can renew his term because he has total control over it.  He doesn’t need to worry if he is still young or he is already in his over-the-hill age. He doesn’t have to worry if he is healthy or if he has some pre-existing medical conditions.  With this no medical exam life insurance, for sure, he will be guaranteed of an acceptance or approval from the life insurance provider.

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